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Ugliest Women On TV

April 4, 2012

So here is my list out the fugliest women on modern television. This list was is not an “all-time” list, this list is “right now” list. I apologize ahead of time, for not knowing some of these ladies names. I hope my graphic descriptions will help to jog your memory. If you have no earthly idea who any of these women are, you need to consider yourself lucky.  I would also encourage you to leave a comment, who would you add to the list?

  1. Nancy Grace…I have a deep seeded hate for this gargoyle of a woman.
  2. The Fat Lady who sounds like a man from mob wives. Imagine a 350 Sly Stallone in drag playing a women…that is the perpetrator.(Renne Graziano)
  3. The walking erection killer who is the fat pierced latino woman from Operation Repo.(Sonia)
  4.  Khloe Kardashian…this chick maybe a Kardashian but damn sure aint Kim.
  5. Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife…nuff said.
  6. Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) to me she just looks like a bug.
  7. Ann Coulter…this lady better learn to tea bag if she wants to rule the Tea Party:)
  8. How could I forget Amber from Teen Loser.
  9. Deena from Jersey Shore…If the situation won’t have sex with you, you are clearly bellow a brown bag kinda lady.
  10. Joan Rivers…she is a walking corpse with highlights.
  11. Lori from The Walking Dead…shame that Shane did not put one in her dome.
  12. Paula Dean…her food maybe good, but her face scares this good ole boy.

Do not worry ladies I will do an Ugliest Guys list later this week.


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  1. stef permalink

    Ur a jerk, just sayin, I think u can handle that since u put this out there…only one I agree w/ is chick from operation repo, like wtf have u done to ur eyebrows? Scary.. & maybe chick from mob wives if its the one I’m thinking of w/ ginormous lips, again she made herself look like that…but I dont usually tend to think ppl r ugly (or the ugliest for that matter) just b/c they don’t look like Megan fox or whatever. Deena & amber need to ease off the makeup, Nancy & Sandra are just fine, I actually think Lori is pretty & Paula…really? Really?

    • Maybe unattractive is a better word. Keep in mind these women chose to be on tv. I know the truth stings, but it’s all in good fun. I only mean half of what I say:) thanks for reading. Lori looks like a meth head and nancy grace is pure evil.

  2. Niki permalink

    What about Carla on the Chew???

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