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Lionel Richie “You still SUCK”

April 2, 2012

What the HELL people!! Lionel Richie is number 1 on I-tunes! Mr. Richie just released a new album featuring all his “ear rape” songs featuring may of todays worthless country stars. Shame on you country music for helping Lionel out. What the hell? The rest of The Commodores don’t get any love? Shame on you Lionel for selling out! There is a “Dancing on the Ceiling” cover with Rascal Flats on the album. Shrieks and groans! I would only use that shit as a torture tactic for GITMO inmates. Guests on the album entitled Tuskegee, include the supreme talents of the Joan Rivers of country music, Mr. Kenny Rogers/leather face. The album also offers Mr. Blake Shelton doing the song “You Are”…somebody make it stop.  I am just sad  Al Green and James Brown are not around to make fun of this shit. Country music had to play it safe here, let’s be honest. I guess “Brick House” was too risky for Toby Keith to take a stab at and “Machine Gun” must have been too funky for the new album.

Country music is so void of actual content, its pathetic. Country music is just simple music, nothing really to say. The great names of country music are simply tossed around these days. There will never be another Johnny Cash or Waylon, that is for sure. You will never be able to convince me, if these guys were still alive they would be doing duet albums with Jason Aldean…no way in hell. I love country music, but the shit farting outta Nashville is just candy pop country. A little bit of info for you folks, Ray Charles made what may be one of the top 5 albums in country music history. The album is called the “Modern Sounds in Country Music” everybody should check it out. Now that I’ve given you a country music gold nugget, let me bitch a little about a country music turd nugget. Let me go ahead and hurt some feelings/ burn some bridges. All that I can say is, “Jason Aldean SUCKS!” This guy has weird facial hair and what seems to be a weight problem. Dude wears leather wristlets, wallet chain, Bret Michael’s hat, and Dwight Yoakum’s jeans. This SOB dominates the radio, and why? Anyway check out this performance from Letterman the other night featuring a shitacular duet between Mr. Aldean and Mr. Ritchie. Lionel is trying to look like Denzel from Training Day in this clip…lol.  So if you like this…keep holding out hope country music  and Michael Bolton have a duets cd coming out soon.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Only in America can one write blog posts about Band of Skulls and country music within 30 minutes of each other and still maintain credibility!

  2. Lionel Ritchey sez he returned to his roots…. I guess young girl’s are my weakness and fancy dancer are much too funky for this sell out’s K.K.K crowd he sell’s this shyte to. Bleedin sod off Lionel!

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