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Band of Skulls

April 2, 2012

Why are some of you still listening to the radio for new rock? By now you have figured out that the modern rock radio is completely void of any real rock. All you will hear is Nickelback and Seether followed by an occasional Buckcherry or Kid Rock diddy. These are sad times, rock has all but faded from the Top 100 charts. Like many, I am forced to depend on the modern greats like the Foo Fighters,MMJ,RHCP, Pearl Jam and Jack White’s many side projects semi-annual albums for my rock thirst. There is one band I have really been feeling in the rock department, they are called The Band Of Skulls. The Black Keys get all the love, but these guys are just as good. I mean the group has chick bass player…never a bad thing. They played Letterman the other night, and performed their new single “Sweet Sour”. So I thought, I would pass along that performance. Hope you give these guys a chance, check them out. So turn off The Voice and pay attention to music that actually means something. A glorified karaoke show should never be your guide to good music…That is the Word!


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