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The Hunger Games

March 30, 2012

I was like a good week behind the rest of civilization, but I finally made it to the theater to see The Hunger Games. I have not read any of the books, mainly because I don’t read a lot. Anyone who has frequented this blog more than once, could prob start a separate blog with all my grammar mistakes. So here is my take, just in case anyone cares. For beginners like me, the concept of the Hunger Games is simple. The country has been divided into 12 districts and each year two teens are chosen as tribute in a battle royale fight to the death. I found this concept to be brilliant, who would not like to watch bratty ass teens getting killed? I would take every shithead from the MTV show My Sweet 16 and throw their asses in the ring any day. So it’s a fight to the death and the characters are forced to deal with their own humanity at an early age.  Katniss is the main character, forced into the games after her sister was chosen. Peter who is kind of dork plays her unrealistic love interest. The Hunger Games had a good brisk pace, and the adults (Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson) were nice additions. I would have liked to seen a little more violence, sad to say. I know, this movie is PG-13 but I felt more violence in this movie would have been appropriate. They could have used the killing as a tool into the characters mindset. Remember the movie The Patriot? It was PG-13 and ole Mel went  ape shit after they killed his son. He used the Slap Chop technique on the ole Brits, that gunned down his boy. In that scene the violence was used as a gateway into the pain ole Mel was feeling. Other than that the movie was really pretty damn good. It was a shit-ton better than any Twilight movie, and yes a shit-ton is an actual unit of measure.  I would give the movie like a 7/10. So if you’re bored this week and have not seen it already go check it out. The soundtrack is also pretty good too, it has the Arcade Fire and The Civil Wars amongst others.


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