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16 and Pregnant…go away all ready

March 27, 2012

So my wife is all excited because 16 and pregnant has a new season rolling out tonight. I have had to watch more than a few episodes, but I tuned out long ago. In some ways the show is good because it shows teens many of the hardships parents go through. In other ways the show is the same old shit over and over again. Gary the “Man Whale” gets routinely beat down by Amber. Amber looks like one of those angry ass Chinese Warriors I see on my to go box. Then we have Farah the chick with the ugliest damn cry I have ever seen. This chick will cry about every damn thing under the sun…does not matter. How could I forget Cory…the West Virgina hillbilly who could easily pass for a critter from Wrong Turn. My favorite train wreck in Janelle. This pothead has some of the best one liners in the business. She and boyfriend Keifer ride around in a 95 Honda Accord making pothead plans. You ever notice potheads always got some grand ass plan for the future of mankind? I would be remiss, if I forgot the slow speaking chick with the bad hair  whose dad buys her shit all the time.  Her name escapes me at the moment, but I imagine I will see her down the road in low-budget porn. Late update from the wife, her name is Chelsea.

I know this is not my best post, but I would encourage teens to stop getting pregnant. Unless your ass has tons of money, this may not be your best option at 16. Whatever happened to the days when MTV was actually good? We had music videos from credible artists, the Real World was worth a shit, Jenny McCarthy, Spring Break, Carmen Electra, TRL, HeadBangers Ball and True Life. MTV has been reduced to pimply faced teens farting out kids. Sad times my friends, somebody call the Weezel before it’s too late. MTV is exactly what Teen Mom is. MTV was the good-looking prom chick, you want to have sex with, did, and now you’re getting beat down by life. You end up like a dog that’s been beat too much, till you spend half your life just covering up. I heard that in a Springsteen video once in the 80’s.


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