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Worst Sequel All Time

March 26, 2012

So there is shit on TV tonight. I sadly found myself watching bits of Transformer 2 (Revenge Of The Fallen) and I got inspired to do the Worst Sequels All Time List. So in order to be considered a terrible sequel, the first movie had to be pretty good. This list does not count part 3-15, so save your Pirates Of The Caribbean hate.  So keeping it short and sweet tonight…let em know what you think of the list.

  1. Transformers 2 (Revenge Of The Fallen)…maybe the worst movie ever sad 2 say
  2. Caddyshack 2…unreal how shitty this was
  3. Leprechaun 2 Back To Da Hood…how many have seen that one…lol
  4. Speed 2…before Sandra was winning Oscars and getting praise for being a life long member of the cant find a man club.
  5. Blues Brothers 2000…did you even know they made a second one?
  6. Batman and Robin…nuff said
  7. Teen Wolf Too…sad thing is a like Jason Bateman, but this was really bad.
  8. Revenge Of The Nerds 2
  9. Jaws 2…I mean the first one set the bar pretty high.
  10. Blair Witch 2 Book Of Shadows
  11. S.Darko…I am still pissed about them dissing Donnie.
  12. YOU pick One;)

Not On The List…sweep the leg


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  1. Agree with every thing on your list. How bout Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and 3. (stupid)

    • Thanks for reading man. Yeah I think any movie with vanilla ice should definitely qualify. I could not bring myself to put Tremors part 2 on the list, because the first one is pretty classic. I think the second fast and furious could easily be up there too.

  2. Kim & Chris permalink

    Dumb & dumber-er

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