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Lame Sh*t On Facebook

March 23, 2012

So I am not going to bullshit you on a Friday night, and I am not trying to hurt everyone’s feelings. I do, have some suggestions/guidance for people over the age of ohh say 20 that post lame shit on Facebook. I am not a big poster on Facebook but I have noticed more lame shit going on these days, more than usual . So pay attention, this maybe advice you need to hear…the truth hurts.

  1. Stop posting GD countdowns. I could give a shit if Hunger games starts in 2 days or that Walking Dead is 8 months 16 days away. Nobody needs to read your 15 pre posts and your one post comment. All that damn build up, you write a page o shit about the pre event and then two words on what you really thought about it. “It was awesome”…ohh I am sure it was.
  2. Stop posting about your ailments/sickness. I am not saying, do not call for help if your ass is dying. I do NOT need to hear you have a runny nose and the taco shits…don’t care.
  3. Stop bitchin if your alone. Maybe spend less time bitchin about being alone and go find a girl/guy.
  4. Don’t take pictures of your dinner…I mean really? You need that much validation, well you got it! Your food is the shit Amigo!
  5. Stop posting one liners. Examples: I just don’t get it…It’s just not my day…Here we go again..etc
  6.  Don’t post about your workouts…really? I mean you are grown and you still feel the need to brag you did 30 minutes of cardio? You do not see damn Peyton Manning posting about practice every other day, and he is a hell of a lot more interesting than you and I.
  7. Don’t tell me how great your boyfriend/spouse is…tell them. Ladies love compliments(Man Law #1).
  8. Try not to brag about your life status. I am glad you’re in Hawaii but you make me feel like shit because I cannot afford to go there.
  9. Other than some of these…post on brave Facebookers!

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