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Gas vs Milk

March 17, 2012

You ever notice these people who constantly compare the price of a gallon of gas, to that of a gallon of milk? What the hell for? There could not be two more different things in my opinion…this is what I call a “Shitty Comparison”.  These two items cannot be used in the same capacity ever. The only way this argument is valid, is if your ass drives a milk truck. I am just trying to figure out the established ranges other people have for gas. So gas and milk can/should cost the same? How about a gallon of Crown Royal? How about a gallon of Armour All? By default shouldn’t those cost me about 3.99 a gallon, because apparently in some people’s mind that is the ceiling for all gallon based sales.  So just be careful in the very near future you may have to find some other product to pit vs gas. Gas prices are going up, pretty sure milk has been about the same price for like the last 10 years. I don’t see people hauling ass to the store and beating the shit outta one another for 1.25 milk. Milk does not get front page news, last I  checked.  One more note…if you compare milk to gas, at least drink milk. Noting worse than arguing for shit that means nothing to you. HAPPY ST.PADDY’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come find me I will buy you a shot of milk;)


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