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Charge Me For Sauce?

March 15, 2012

Why the hell do some fast food places feel the need to charge my ass extra for sauce? To me it’s a slap in damn face. You go to Zaxbys and get a 10 buck chicken plate lunch, and you still want to charge me for sauce? The sauce is always like 35-50 cents per damn sauce, it’s a bunch of shit. This is corporate greed at it’s most transparent. Why are restaurants so greedy with the sauce anyways? They act like the sauce is coming from their own personal stash or some shit. If you own a business, sometimes you will just have to write off some miscellaneous expenses as a business need. Zaxbys/Buffalo Wild Wings have like 15 different sauces to choose from, I don’t know which one is my favorite. The reason is because I don’t want to be house poor, attempting to sample all the sauces. Most times the people who work at wing joints have not even tried all the sauces, I think they dock their pay if they tried. Then God forbid they give you the wrong sauce. Now you want to beat the hell out of a 16-year-old kid with braces and Bieber hair, because they shit shafted your sauce.  Imagine how livid you would be if Mexican places charged for salsa. I’ve  had multiple Pilsner glasses of sauce in my time. I have never been charged two bucks a flask for salsa. I am quite sure chips and salsa cost more than one Zax Sauce. What I don’t see is Taco Bell ripping me 10 cents a sauce. All I am saying is FREE extra sauce for the masses…who is with me?


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