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Biggest Loser Funny Stuff.

March 13, 2012

I am a fan of the Biggest Loser and I truly admire the people who go on the show. I have posted about the bravery it takes it takes to go on TV and suit up for the weigh ins.  So as fan for several years now, I have noticed some funny things on the show. Below are my findings, pay attention to these going forward:)

  1. They always have a fridge full of shit behind them, during the vote offs. I guess, if you get voted off and go on a “food rampage” it’s cool!
  2. The contestants always cry when asked to “Increase the decline”.
  3. The contestants like to cuss at the food. “Damn you pepperoni!”
  4. They look honestly surprised, when they learn what they use to eat was bad for them. Turns out a whole chicken for lunch with a side of mac n cheese, is bad.
  5. The whole Chefs plate thing at the end is kind of lame. I secretly always hope there is a severed foot under the plate.
  6. How Alison Sweeney says ” I am sorry you are not the Biggest Loser”.
  7. They need a celebrity edition.

So do you have any funny thoughts on the show? Post a comment let your voice be heard by maybe hundreds of people;) Here is what, I would say if I got voted off the show…word for word. (What the dad says)


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