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Camo Trucks

March 11, 2012

You ever see these guys who take a perfectly good truck and decide to put camo stickers all over the damn thing? Why? I mean trucks are expensive, leave the RealTree Spring collection 2012 stickers off your ride. What are you hiding from? My guess is the ladies, most hillbillies that have camo, usually don’t have a lady friend to speak of. They may say, ” I am a hunter man, you just don’t get it”. Ok…but when was the last time you actually hunted in the truck? Most hunters leave the confines of the truck and actually venture out into the woods, to go hunting. I know it’s the South and you are trying to express your inner/outer redneck. Just know, you are wasting a lot of money and most likely tarnishing a good truck. The only thing worse is the “RIP sticker”. What are you telling me when you have dedicated  a dirty as hell 2001 Ford Ranger to the memory of someone? I guess you are saying your past love one, most closely resembled a used up piece of shit. You don’t  see ZR-1 Corvettes or M Series BMW’s dedicated to people. The reason you don’t is because, you should never deface a six figure car with stickers. I would never buy a used truck, with one damn camo sticker on it but that is just me. So leave the woods, in the woods my friends. Stay away from these cats with the camo stickers, chances are they have watched Deliverance more than twice. Let’s all have fun with this week…countdown to St. Paddy’s day begins now.

I can still see you!


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