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Bama Roads

March 6, 2012

To the dumbass “road engineers”  in the great state of Alabama, let me be the first to congratulate you on a job NOT well done. You don’t fix a pot hole/road by simply pouring a huge bag of rocks in the son of a bitch. I am not sure what school developed, this advance patching technique came from…but it sucks. I does not take an Alabama grad to figure out that when you place large amounts of peagravel in a hole only a few things can happen here.

  • The loose rocks get thrown back on your car/windshield…all the taxpayers need something else to fix
  • When it rains believe it or not water can penetrate the peagravel causing the rocks to wash away and then…see bullet 1
  • Or the road will stay fixed for all time, based on the fact humans will no longer need or use cars for transportation

I know times are tough and concrete is like half the price a gallon o gas but maybe we should create more permanent solutions.  Maybe steal some small cones from the local highschool, I am pretty sure PE has almost been eliminated these days. Then we place those cones around the patched area, allowing the road to be fixed. Don’t even tell me roads are hard to patch. I have GD potholes on a Nascar racetrack be fixed during commercial breaks. These roads are down right silly as hell…you know why rednecks drive huge ass trucks? That way you don’t feel every pothole every 1/2 mile in Alabama. How do they select the roads that get paved anyways? Is there a peagravel scale being used here? This road only has 175 rock patches, so we should not have to pave it for another 6 years. Get your shit together Bama…that is the word.


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