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Ole Mikey Seaver

March 5, 2012

Ole Mikey Seaver made the news the other day for his take on gay marriage and gays in general. Turns out Mikey Seaver is not a huge fan of gay people or their particular lifestyle. Thought I would take a minute to share my thoughts on Mikey Seaver and throw in some Kirk Cameron facts…I did a little research. Chances are if you don’t know who Kirk Cameron is, you are either really young or you have a life. He was a “star” back in the 80’s on Growing Pains.

I am not here to preach to you unlike Kirk, but I will say tolerance and acceptance may be the way to go here. I will let you makeup your mind on the issue. Before you side with Kirk let me present this evidence that Kirk in fact maybe hiding something.

  1. His “right hand man” is named Ray Comfort…not sure but that sounds like a gay porn star name to this guy.
  2. Hit show named “Growing Pains”…once again could be a porn title name.
  3. His hit movies are named Left Behind…left behind what exactly Kirk? No love for the Right Behind?
  4. Kirk once attended a Liza Minnelli show…not gansta Kirk:(
  5. Kirk recently wrote a book named Kirk Cameron…not sure if any of that dirty gay money got used to help feed his 6 kids.
  6. Kirk is afraid to eat bananas…strange
  7. Kirk lives in California…prob not the best state to hide from gay people. Way to live the values Kirk!
  8. Kirk does not get that shouting numbers at people doesn’t make you a mathematician, quoting scripture doesn’t make you a prophet… Or a scholar for that matter.
  9. Kirk once said his own little sister DJ Tanner was “pretty hot” back in the day.
  10. Looking SEXY Kirk!

Why Yes They Are Buggle Boy Pants


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