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The Boss Returns

March 4, 2012

Only 2 more days until the Boss is back! I have listened to the new album Wrecking Ball and it’s nothing short of epic. This album is a huge middle finger to the politicians and crooked bankers on Wall street. I am a die-hard fan, so I am probably a little biased to begin with. All that aside this will be a definitive album for this decade. Bruce Springsteen has done it all in his career. It would be easy for him to just cash it all in and do reunion tours, charging a couple hundred bucks a seat every night…like The Eagles, Billy Joel, Elton John etc. He could do that, but he keeps pumping out great albums. The albums are always relevant to the times and usually carry a powerful message. Springsteen was on Jimmy Fallon  last Friday night with special guest Tom Morrelo. The show was awesome, you had the merger of the E-Street band and The Roots together on stage. I highly encourage you to go to his website and check out those performances. So I will not rant all day about the music, I will let it speak for itself. I give the new album a 9/10…that is the word.


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