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The Bacon Milkshake

March 4, 2012

How about a bacon milkshake to go with that BLT cheeseburger combo? Too much? The fine folks a Jack In The Box think not. Everything is better with bacon right? Do you see people…this is what our daily consumption of fast foods has led us to. These fast food chains are having to get down right radical in order to stand out. What is next I ask? Perhaps Zaxbys will introduce chicken nuggets made from a whole damn chicken. They can serve this bird in a garbage bags and throw in some a lard oatmeal pies for a snack. I am an avid bacon fan and an ice cream too. I just cannot see who in the hell, would want to consume bacon ice cream. Think about this, it’s your second date with a chick and you decide to keep it simple. You take her to Jack in the Box and she orders a large bacon shake…is this a red flag? How about I create a diabetes shake and try pushing that shit to the masses. I know every one is not concerned about calories and their diet, but if you pick up bacon shakes…I think your ass has officially given up. Instead of calling it a bacon shake, the should call it “Rock Bottom”. If you drink this thing my friend, you have hit rock bottom. So what do you think about the bacon shake? Leave a comment and thanks for reading.


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  1. haha how is there a demand for this flavor!? “Instead of calling it a bacon shake, the should call it “Rock Bottom”.” Too funny!!!

  2. Meghan permalink

    Lord thats just nasty sounding…..I love bacon & icecream but damn. My food cant even touch on my plate. This is unacceptable and just plain damn nasty! Do they put fried bacon sprinkles on top?

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