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I need a second opinion.

March 4, 2012

Ok, since it rained like hell yesterday and was generally one of those shitty type days. I did a little movie watching at the house. The movie I watched was called Take Shelter. This was not a bad movie, just a little off kilter in my opinon…but it does make you think. I also thought my timing was kinda creepy, considering the devastating  tornado damage of the last few days. So for all those Sunday movie watchers out there, give this one a try. I need a second opinion on whether this movie was actually good. Take Shelter left me felling a little disappointed. The ending like many good movies, leaves it up to you decide the characters fate. So if anyone has watched this leave a comment, if not check it out and come back!


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  1. grooda permalink

    Well, I think you already know I loved the movie. Michael Shannon at the very least deserved an Oscar nomination for his role.
    It is one of the most emotionally charged and powerful movies I’ve seen lately. Any (decent) movie dealing with mental illnesses promises not to be an easy watch. But this one almost felt like a thriller, edge-of-a-seat movie to me. Great acting, just the right amount of CGI, real life storytelling and a perfect ending.

    • Yeah man…the ending was kinda confusing. I did love the part where he flips out at the town bingo hall. It’s a really good movie, just so under the radar…thanks for finally getting back in the saddle for the comment section. NOTE I did a same day reply…;)

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