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You Ever Notice??

March 2, 2012

Have you ever noticed that people who eat loud ass chips, get pissed when you tell them they stink? Oh, they get pissed believe me. Some people love to eat piss and vinegar chips, I myself am not a fan. If I were to eat these funky smelling chips, I would try not to get pissed if you told me they smell strong. I would definitely not try to get way up in your personal space. Also people who eat these chips, eat them like they are making love to them. This process usually involves lots of finger licking and caressing of the chips.  Sometimes women will eat the these chips along with like an onion sandwitch…then of all times they want a kiss. It never fails, lunch with the wife, she wants a goodbye kiss. She is completely oblivious to the fact her breath smells like a rotten bleach water. Now my friend… you have a full-blown argument on your hands. All I am saying is you are one of these people who enjoy sour cream and chive potato chips, pick up a pack o Certs at the checkout.  Same goes for some of these salad dressings, that will almost make your ass, take a knee they are so strong. The offenders always say, “Oh I don’t smell them, they smell good to me”. Well let me throw down a turd log in your general area, and give you the same damn response. So do your thing but remember the little man…that is the word!



From → You Ever Notice?

  1. haha Hilarious! I was never a fan of Salt and Vin chips. But I am a loud eater. At least I don’t smell.

  2. Thanks so much for reading my blog! I check yours like every other day…lol.

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