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Thanks For This One Twilight Fans

February 27, 2012

Anybody watch the Oscars last night? Oh it was great…not really. The best film was the black and white movie about a French dude and his dog named the Artist.  Maybe the Artist really is great, to be fair I will give it a shot. I did notice Twilight was once again snubbed from the ole Oscar race. I would like to officially take this time to tell the Twilight franchise, thanks for ruining movies and popular TV shows. Every damn place you look it’s vampires followed by whiney ass vampires. We have Trueblood, The Vampire Diaries, Fright Night and a thousand other spin offs. What ever happened to bad ass vampires? I wish we would bail out Wesley Snipes and get his ass to make Blade 4 at this point. Well, Twilight fans rejoice your influence has spread to the White House. Check out this trailer I found, for the upcoming summer block buster Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Sadly the Bill Clinton movie The Virgin Hunter, did not get the Hollywood backing I would have like to seen.  All I know about Abe Lincoln is he was our 16th president, he fought for equality, he was a man of character, and he got gunned down at a play. I did not know the SOB was a part-time vampire hunter…but apparently he was. This movie just proves that Hollywood is desperate as hell these days. I cannot even imagine doing a presentation to pitch a piece of shit like this. So check out the preview and do me a favor and kick Edward in the balls the next time your see him.


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