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Greatest Invention Chicks Don’t Use

February 27, 2012

I was thinking, which is always a dangerous thing. What is something all guys would like to see but never do? Then I came up the answer and it’s really an easy one. Guys want to see chicks in red bras. Whenever you see a chick with a red bra strap poking out, most dudes eyes just lock on to that puppy.  The Huffington post in the UK published some results today from a study of women who wear red frequently. The study said that men are more attracted to women wearing red because they send out subtle messages about how receptive they might be to amorous advances.  Basically guys have more confidence in approaching a lady in red. The crazy thing is most chicks do not wear a ton of red. Ladies if you’re single and going out on Friday night, put on some damn red. This may help you to find a man, who is willing to buy you a drink or three. Back to the red bra idea, I have. I don’t care how good or bad your boobs are, a red bra is gonna improve them. You know why? Because guys hardly ever see chicks in a red bra, so by default you know this girl is gonna be fun. Apparently my wife tells me the Huffington post is not the most credible resource to back up my claim. So you be the judge, is the Huffington Post right? Colors do make a difference, we all know that. I am not saying what is under the bra is not better, but who does not like pretty trim?


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