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Wag The Finger

February 25, 2012

So I want us all to get in on the new fad I am purposing. What I suggest is that we all start doing the “finger wag”. The pound, high-five, snap, back tap, and eye roll are just about played out in my opinion. The finger wag says no to disrespect. The finger wag says,”nah partner I don’t think so”. When you use the finger wag, you need to have your game face on. This is not a gesture for rookies, but I feel like we could really get this thing going. So just in case you are confused, I have created a list of appropriate finger wag situations. I will also give the young kids a few classic finger wag examples. Feel free to be creative and start using the finger wag today! Remember no words…just the power of the finger wag. Caution use at your own risk!

Appropriate Finger Wag Situations

  • When your wife asks you to watch the Notebook
  • When the Mc Donalds lady asks you to supersize
  • When a friend attempts to put on a Maroon 5 or Nickelback CD
  • When someone at work trys to get one over on you
  • If you’re at a bar and a guy/girl is barking up the wrong tree…use the finger wag
  • If someone asks you to drink a Miller Lite…finger wag time
  • If someone asks you for money
  • If it is really late when you get home and your wife asks you where have you been

You get the idea…so get started.


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