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Marriage Tips

February 22, 2012

Well its Wednesday night and look who just walked in…that is right it’s Dr. Mike with some helpful marriage tips. The tip I provide this evening, is really a life tip. A tip that can be applied in all social settings. A tip that will keep your partner or friends stress free for years to come.

Here is your tip for the day. Please do not be the bitch and or d-bag that leaves less than a half swallow of drink in a 2 liter…and then proceed to place that beverage back in the fridge. This is unacceptable in any relationship, the only exception is if you happen to live all alone. This is truly a sign of disrespect in my house and should never be attempted. I read in a scientific study was done by the University of Alabama that 65 percent of all domestic incidents in the state, come from this bold act of disrespect. Can someone please take me through the offenders mindset? I was really, really parched but I wanted to preserve 2.9 oz of backwash just for you. This is really a commonsense life tip, but one tip I find that some people still struggle with to this day. So in the spirit of lent, give this shit a rest going forward. Since we are talking about drinks tonight, I have a bonus marriage tip for the masses. NEVER refill your spouses cup with hot Coke, when they clearly have no ice left. This ever happened to you? You get some fresh, only to find to slivers of disappearing ice. Oh NO Sir, this is not a cool thing to do to your spouse. The moment you hand me the drink, I have only one lone thought. The thought I have is, what the hell is this? Are we really outta ice? Or were you just feeling reckless this fine evening? So learn from these words people, it could very well be the little things that keep a marriage happy. That is the word from Dr. Mike!

Less than this is a party foul



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One Comment
  1. Stephanie Sanders permalink

    Hey Dr D-bag, here’s a tip for you. Refill your own damn coke! 😉

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