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Act of Valor

February 21, 2012

This week there is a new movie coming out called Act of Valor . This movie has “real Navy Seals” according to the preview. No disrespect to the thousands of Navy Seals who frequent my blog…but who gives a shit? Think about it, if I made a big budget circus movie, starring real clowns…would you even care? These are two completely different professions, no doubt. I am not sure if those were real strippers in the movie Showgirls, they very well could have been. They may have been actors who played strippers, I don’t know and I don’t really care. I know that the parallels are not the same, but I think there is a valid point to be made here. If you are forced to stake your movie’s success on the accuracy of role players, you are in real trouble. I know Tom Hanks was not in WWII, but I also don’t think just some real private named Ryan would have been good for the lead role.

Let us be real here for a minute. The Navy Seals are not in the practice of becoming part-time D-list actors, from what I have read. Does anyone remember the guy who shot bin Laden in the head? Hell no, because the media never even showed him or her. These soldiers are trained to be unseen and the very best at what they do. Navy Seals are not doing American Idol try outs in their off time…gimme a break. I also don’t care if they are real Navy Seals anyways. Charlie Sheen wasn’t a real Navy Seal and I loved that movie as a kid. You cannot really and truly make a movie 100% authentic anyways. I hear this movie has actors who play terrorists/bad buys. I am pretty sure those are CGI bullets and fake gun battles. Just saying that is not what the Seals use…that is the word!

Please Note: These are ACTORS playing Navy Seals


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