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Ladies It’s Not 2 Late

February 17, 2012

So Valentines Day has come and gone, lets us look to the future. The future holds the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I have been a fan of the SISI for a long time, once I saw Kathy Ireland that was it…instant fan for life. The magazine got me thinking. So here is a business idea for the ladies looking for a new business niche, how bout a body paint business? My God, have you seen these SISI models who get the body paint? Let me tell you it’s awesome! I don’t know how hard it is, or how much time it takes. I think there is some serious money to be made here, call me crazy. A lot of dudes would pay top dollar to see their lady in Auburn body paint. Some may say, “Mike this is just trashy”. I really don’t see the difference when these ladies go and get the Glamour Shots with their daisy duke shorts on. To me it’s all the same, you are doing something for your man or you that makes you feel good about yourself.

Women and men pay top dollar for tattoos all over their bodies and that shit does not wash off. When you go to beach, women in droves get those fake ass spray on Henna designs. So what is the difference? The difference is nobody has put this idea to work. Would it fail? Maybe so, but what if it did not? I could see some women getting sprayed for special occasions like anniversary, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, Earth Day, Secretaries Day, and of course Halloween;) Some ladies spend 200 bucks or more on Halloween costumes, just to dress like a whore for their man. So charge them 75 bucks and make some money with this idea. The possibilities are endless with body paint. Superbowl Sunday, you get a little “spray on cheerleader” outfit. More men maybe tempted to stay home and watch the game. I highly doubt this idea would work for a guy’s business. Women would not feel comfortable with a dude running a business like this most likely. So if you make a million, all I ask is you recommend my blog! That is the word Amigos.


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