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Tip For The Cops

February 13, 2012

Here is an idea for the cops out there and how we can make the roads safer. How bout we issue a standard broom to every officer that drives a car, and we train these guys on how and when to use it. Driving my ass home today, just like every other day, there was a wreck on the highway. The funny part is the cops directed the traffic into the 10,00o pieces of glass. The cars that were involved in the wreck had been moved to the debris free side of the highway. The motorists who were not involved, simply drove through all the damage they caused. Look I know sweeping is no particular fun, but maybe we should take a 4 minute break and at least clean the glass up off the road. In an attempt to keep the minivan with 5 kids from cutting down a tire, 10 miles down the road. I respect the badge and what these men/women do every day, but sometimes they tend to miss the little things.

Top 5 Things The Cops Need

  • A broom and a dustpan
  • Better salaries, we need more money for these guys and the fire-fighters too
  • Spotlights with the Batman logo
  • Optional weapons, like an axe, boomer-rang, lasso, nun chucks, katana blade, wolverine claws, and boxing gloves
  • Intro music when they exit their cars…this would help with the intimidation factor




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