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Whitney, No Surprise To Me

February 12, 2012

So as I am sure everyone knows, pop legend Whitney Houston is dead at 48. Is this a surprise really? Hell no. It just kills me when people say that, they had no clue these stars are going downhill. In these modern times, we have more dirt on celebrities than ever before. Every night TMZ comes on and tells me if Brad Pitt took a huge shit after lunch. Whitney had been strung out for quite a long time, and I think she was still battling many of her demons. It’s a shame, I am old enough to remember just how huge she really was. I noticed where her albums have quickly shot to the top of the charts in just one day. It’s always weird with musicians; when they die their albums always have this type of resurge. She was very talented and will leave behind a huge pop shadow. It’s kind of sad how she and Michael Jackson, arguably the two biggest pop acts of the 80’s and 90’s have died close to the age of 50. I personally was not a huge Whitney Houston fan, but I still know half of her songs. That’s when you know you are huge, when even casual fans know most of your songs. I hope folks don’t go blaming Bobby Brown for this. Whitney had plenty of money and reasons to get her life back on track. Bobby Brown is always made to be the villain. Really, Whitney seemed to be her own worst enemy. We as a country should take a hard look at people who abuse  prescription drugs. Just because prescription drugs are legal, does not mean they are not misused in many cases. So here is a list of the next singers/celebrities that are living on the ragged edge…so just prepare yourself for bad news. You don’t want to be one of these people, who had no idea these folks had some problems.

  1. Lindsay Lohan
  2. Rick Ross…the SOB weighs 600 pounds let us be honest here
  3. Charlie Ma-Sheen…or he could live forever
  4. Nicky Cage…beats the hell outta women and his bank account
  5. The Home Alone kid
  6. Jennifer Aniston…;)
  7. Demi Moore…too much magic dust
  8. Ryan Seacreast…how long can he go before this poor man cracks?



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