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Now Volume Who Gives a Damn?

February 11, 2012

I saw a commercial for NOW Volume 41 on the TV this morning. I have no idea why the NOW cd creators feel the need to keep going in sequential order. Why don’t they just call these cd what they really are? They could call these “the same tired ass songs radio has played to death for the last quarter”. I also have never heard anyone say that Now Volume 32 is way better than Now Volume 13. Do we really have people out there, who have every volume? Do these people then organize them, in sequential order? Do they remember that Volume 22 had the one lone hit by Lou Begga? I can proudly say that I have never purchased a NOW cd. I find it to be blasphemous that Adele and LMFAO are on the same cd. Mostly these cd’s are just trash, sprinkled with a few really talented artists. To me the funniest thing is they still advertise these cd’s with commercials. When is the last time you bought one cd, by calling a number on TV? So let me recommend that we all stop buying NOW cd’s…time to end the counter at 41.

I also would like to comment briefly on all the hype surrounding the redneck dad who shot up his daughters laptop. To me making a video and posting it on Facebook about your 15-year-old daughter is pathetic. I believe in the use of in-house punishment. I don’t think  a grown man should retaliate against his own kid on Facebook. I think the guy seemed like a good parent, and  I really have no beef with anything the dude said. My issue is with how he did it. Not to mention the fact that the only way the dad found out was on the family dogs Facebook page…Really? Maybe you are to socially plugged in, when your damn dog has a Facebook page…and you check it. I think the mob mentality should be employed in these type situations. The daughter should know that speaking out against the family has consequences…becoming famous is not one of them. I respect the dad in the video, but I would take away more than just laptops.




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