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Who Does Not Like FREE Good Music?

February 9, 2012

As your music guide, I only feel it’s my duty to pass on good music to the masses. There is guy named Joseph Arthur, who I have liked for a while. The guy has never really had a hit, some of you may know his song “In the Sun”.  Nonetheless, the guy is really talented, and generally just makes good Rock music. The really cool thing about this guy is he has a new double album, that he is giving away for free! No shit…free! Radiohead and NIN have both at times offered free music to the people, I gotta say it’s refreshing. It’s hard not to hear every other artist bitchin about money or rights to their songs these days. I believe, if you are good and have a true passion for music, the fans and money will come in due time. Legends are made on the road. Anyways’ that is a blog for another night. So check out Mr. Joseph Arthur from his latest Letterman performance. The kinda hot female bass player use to be in my guys Ryan Adam’s band. If you like his music, skip on over to his website for a free 24 song download…trust me it’s free and good. Have a good night and go download some legit music for a change;) Even pirates need to take a break…Arrrhhh


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  1. I absolutely love Joseph Arthur. “Honey and the Moon” has been one of my favorite songs for nearly a decade now. Thanks for checking out my blog and keep up the good work. I’ll definitely be checking in!

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