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All Mustangs Are Not Race Cars

February 8, 2012

I am an avid car guy, and I have been on the road for quite a while. Let me tell you, damn near every guy that has any kind of Mustang, believes they’re driving a race car. I like Mustangs, and for the record there are some bad ass Mustangs on the road. Being a car guy, I know that your 2001  V-6 Mustang is not that strong…so why run the shit out of it? Please stop trying to race people at every random red light. Stop ridding people s asses, thinking that your little pony, will actually motivate me to move. Here is another thing for Mustang guys. Why do you feel the need to put 10,000 accessories on your car? Take a hard look next time you see a Mustang. Chances are the car will have like a 6 inch cowl hood, 2 ft long chrome tips, and spinners. So tonight, I thought I would provide a list of things that do scare me on the road. If you see these people, beware and try to stay out of their way.

Most Freighting Things On The Road.

  1. Women in mini vans that drive with 2 hands…they always haul ass and never even know it.
  2.  People that stop/brake coming off or into a rolling exit…hit the other pedal dip shit!
  3. Family Stickers or the overly political sticker man.
  4. Cars with like 4 donut tires.. I see a ton of these POS on the road. Accident just waiting to happen.
  5. Trucks with camouflage all over them…chances are these are hillbilly closet homosexuals. Think Deliverance.
  6.  More than 3 dudes in a small car together…they are all drunk, the question is, who is the least lit.
  7. Guys with older/slower Mustangs…they just have something to prove it seems.
  8. Young girls in high-end cars that daddy gave them. A 2012 AMG Mercedes for a 16-year-old kid…way to be responsible Dad.
  9. Old people in Crown Vics… I am all for Seniors driving but if you cannot see the back of your car, we have a problem.
  10. People that buy used cop cars…who buys these things?  Looks like a rape mobile to me.

Leave a comment, what scares you?



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