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Flipping The Bird

February 6, 2012

Great Super Bowl last night. I read where it was the most watched program in history, and the halftime show was pretty good to boot. I thought Madonna put on a really good show and the effects were pretty neat. Rapper M.I.A is getting a lot of attention for flipping the bird during her halftime performance. Many people were offended…Really? Some people say this is a family program and that leaves no room for unprovoked middle fingers. I say grow up! First of all its Madonna, this lady had some of the most controversial performances of all time. Lets see, the Brit Brit kiss, the infamous Letterman show, and ole Madonna basically playing with herself on a piano…remember any of those? So going in, unless you’re 10 years old, you should never anticipate a family show with Madonna. On this occasion, I thought she was pretty classy but the lady has a history people. Who gives a shit if M.I.A flips a bird? Or if Janet Jackson shows half-a-tit?  Some people still act like we live in the 1950’s, shit has changed. Technology has provided kids with an abundance of ways to access morally questionable items. A rapper flipping the bird is lesson 101. Rappers have always flipped people off. Rappers always cuss. Rappers always have big booty chicks dancing around them. This is nothing new, it’s the same ole shit we have all seen for the last 20 years, If some how you missed all that, than I am sorry…grow up.  Secondly, M.I.A is not a real rapper, ask anybody. Just because you attempt to rap, does not make you a rapper. Is Jason Aldean a rapper? Is the annoying Sugarland lady a rapper? Hell no…so let us not be so quick to crown a person as a rapper or vise versa. So in the spirit of being offensive, I give you this!

This is for you Nancy Grace


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  1. The Hawk permalink

    Got my inspiration for Tuesday. People on Facebook who post quotes all the time…and the people who like them. Nobody gives a damn about your religious quotes or any other quotes for that matter. If you want to impress me…come up with your own quote, your own code.

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