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Tebow Time on Super Bowl Sunday

February 5, 2012

Hey, Hey, to all the good people and the bad people too on this great Super Bowl Sunday. This is a day to over eat and cleanse the body with hot wings and draft beers. Well I know who will not be having a beer, and the man who I wish was in the Super Bowl will not be in attendence…Mr. Tim Tebow.  I am a Tebow fan. I am here today to defend the new Jockey ad with Tebow. Look what man has not taken his shirt off, and thrown the ole pigskin, while wild mustangs run around in a picturesque backdrop? I know, I have. So since a lot of people will watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials this evening, this is a warning for all the Tebow haters. Tim Tebow has abs, and can throw a football in slow motion.

I really do not get why all great quarterbacks feel the need to have a commercials, that are so unrealistic. Take Wrangler Jeans for example, with Brett Farve. The commercial where Brett and his pickup truck, ride around looking for Sunday pickup games. Slow motion images of Brett hitting a 40 yard post route to a T-Mobile salesman, are just lame. It seems Jockey is going down the same path. If anything Wrangler and Jockey should merge advertising. I say go all out, full-blown story line, with accompanying music score done by Hans Zimmer. On one side of the field Farve with his rag-tag group of middle class Americans.  On the other side, Tebow with only his pants and mysterious abilities, to make wild broncos catch footballs with their hoofs. They could become friends and battle Michael Vick and his legion of crazy Alabama fans, in a football game for the ages. I picture this game being played, on an abandoned  air craft carrier, in the middle of the Arctic ocean. This would tend to lead to questions like, “How did Tebow get those horses on the boat anyways?”

As for my prediction this evening I am going with the Pats. I like Tom Brady and I see ring number 4 in his future…That is the Word!

One more for the road!


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  1. Yes, I am here in the guts of your blog reading about a Super Bowl Sunday gone by because I AM A TEBOW FAN. Great work – hilarious!

    • No Problem Sir, search all you like…I really appreciate you stopping by! I like him too, it’s a shame everyone just wants to tear him down.

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