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Pain At The Pump

February 3, 2012

Now, I know this is not ground breaking news or anything, but has anyone else noticed that gas has gotten high as hell again? Gas right now is pretty much 3.50 per gallon around town. Everytime I turn on the news, I hear the main focus is jobs. Jobs are number the number 1 priority, but gas prices need to be priority 1A in my opinion. I am sick and tired of getting reamed out, while big oil continuously posts record-breaking profits each quarter. As the situation in Iran gets stickier, gas prices will continue to rise. I know that gas will never be cheap again, I am not that naive. Somehow, someway we have to find a comfortable medium that we can all live with. Some folks get pissed because so many American’s are out of work or unmotivated. If you work at a part-time minimum wage job that is 25-30 minutes away, depending on the car  you drive,you maybe losing money…that is no kind of motivation. I wish, I  had the answers but it appears nobody does. So in the meantime, I guess we will all continue to be at the mercy of big oil…sucks.


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