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MC Donalds You SOB

February 1, 2012

As if you needed another reason not to eat Mc Donald’s hamburgers…I am here for you. Mc Donalds confirmed that they have eliminated the use of ammonium nitrate – a key ingredient in fertilizers and household cleaners – in it’s hamburgers. Ammonium nitrate is the same shit Swift McVeigh used in the Oklahoma City bombings in the mid 90’s.  Check this stuff out in the below picture. It looks like a really dangerous sex toy mold or something. McDonald’s called this stuff the “pink slime’…lol. I call this the “pink anaconda” and yes feel free to steal that name for any future porno careers. This is the shit Mc Donalds has been putting in our meat. Go watch the documentary Food Inc. if you want to see the conditions these cows live in. Look, I am no bleeding heart cow lover, but I don’t want a shit covered cow mixed with pink slime. Speaking of bad, have any of you had a Mc Donalds hamburger lately? They are typically composed of a sad dry 1/4 piece  of shoe leather..called beef. Then we add the pancake bun, which apparently is ran over with a Mack Truck before being served, finally topped with 12 oz of your favorite condiment. So pretty much  you are getting a mayonnaise burger with meat particles!

If it was not for the Mc Donalds french fries, that company would have gone under long ago. The fries are like crack. Once you have your first experience, BAM you are hooked.  I am also sick of the chicken testicles, Mc Donalds writes off as nuggets. There is no possible way that is chicken meat…I bet it is just chicken beaks mixed with  a plumbers putty and pink slime. So next time when you are hungry, just go to Subway. They have 5 buck footlongs all month in February. Sadly, I didn’t get paid for this promo;(


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  1. Annonymous permalink

    Ha chicken testicals.

  2. grooda permalink

    Good one. But I’ll let you be the funny one. You are missing the point here. This problem is not exclusive to McDonalds. All fast food and most chain-restaurants feed us poison. You recommend Subway…do some research on deli meat and the chemicals used to preserve “the thing”.

    Also, “Pink slime” is not McDonalds term, it’s been coined by Jamie Oliver, who I am sure you know, and who is working hard to bring fresh and healthy food (eating habits) to US schools.

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