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Boobs At The Funeral

January 30, 2012

So legendary singer Etta James was laid to rest over the weekend. Most of you LMFAO fans probably have no idea what good music is anyways, but she was before your time. Christina Aguilera performed Ms. James’ most popular song “At Last” at the funeral service. Besides the fact that X-Tina oversang the hell outta this song…too many ohhhhs/yeahhhhhYeahhs/ohhhhhhh! The most regrettable thing about Christina’s performance was she was flashing way too much tit for a funeral. We all know boobs have a huge place in my heart, and many of yours as well. Most any other time, I will support showing a little cleavage, but not at a funeral. Truthfully, having your boobs out at a funeral is really bad judgement. It also shows a lack of respect for the deceased, in my opinion.  Look I get it, Christina has been hitting the Hartz buffet a little harder more recently.  She sees her boobs growing and wants to show off her “titty fat” at major/minor events… I get it. All I am saying is save the plunging necklines for other non death related events. Especially if you know the funeral will be broadcast on YouTube, keep it classy. I can just imagine a 70-year-old black woman in her Sunday best, just being put off by her lack of respect. Maybe I am reading too much into this, I don’t know.  Guys this rule counts for you too, no ass less chaps at my funeral. So here is that my list of things that should never be seen at a funeral…that is the Word!

  1. Mini skirts and stripper shoes.
  2. Someone playing Angry Birds…let it go for an hour, for Pete’s sake.
  3. Exposed titty tats.
  4. Really huge ass hats…save the Kentucky Derby hat for the derby.
  5. Camouflage anything…I know this is hard for the rednecks.
  6. Tennis shoes…unless you are a Senior.

Whats your take?…post a comment. Enjoy the video;(


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One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    I agree with you. That neckline showed a lack of respect for the church, and for the deceased. Also I agree, all that over singing that song, worked my nerves. She should have stayed at home with that terrible performance and presentation that was just awful !

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