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Time To Grow UP

January 28, 2012

This one may sting a few of you a little bit. As I look across this great American landscape, I see tons of people who just cannot let their youth go. Today, I am going to specifically focus on the clothes, I see some 28-40 year olds wearing. You ever log onto Facebook and see a picture of friends out at the club? Of course, you do! What I see, is how a 35-year-old man is still buying his damn clothes at Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch. These people are still trying to squeeze their asses into the Aeropostle Fall Collection…gimme a break. WE all know those clothes/stores are for the youth of America. What does that say about you, when you and your kid shop at the same “teen store”? To people like me, it does not make you cool, it just makes me feel bad for ya. These people just can’t let it go. As one grows older you style and appearance should improve based on your income and social status. Most folks tend to scrap the American Eagle Polo, for a real Polo. Sometimes you say Mike those clothes are cheap, that’s why I like them. They are cheap because, they are made for kids! Most teens do not have a ton of disposable income, so they need a 20 buck polo shirt…you do not!  If I opened a teen clothing store and every polo shirt cost 85 bucks, my ass would not be in business for long.

Ladies, there is nothing more pathetic than a 40-year-old woman still buying her wardrobe from Hollister. Guys, do pay attention to how you look, so just dress your age. It just kills me, women read monthly 1000 page fashion magazines, trying to give them a clue as to what looks good. These women always go and do the exact opposite. If you are 40, leave the tank top and trucker hat at home on Friday night! Look and if you’re a teen, don’t dress like you’re a 40-year-old man. Enjoy your youth! This is your opportunity to wear the clothes at the teen stores. Please buy the shit now, that way you get it outta your system before it’s to late.




From → DR.Mike

  1. This damn song just sticks in your head 🙂

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