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The Bright Lights

January 26, 2012

Who are these damn people who cannot drive at night without their bright lights on? Hey buddy you see that glowing ass light on your dash display that is the size of a silver dollar? Guess what? That means your bright lights are on. It never fails, every night when I drive home I have to contend with 16-year old girls or just plain stupid adults running their bright lights. Look I know it’s scary driving at night for some, I get it. That does not give you the excuse to have your damn car lit up like damn Turner Field. It’s always classic… you are driving sans brights and a car approaches from a distance. The car/truck is running the brights at full throttle, you wait assuming the dumbass can see you. You then do a simple flick of your bright lights, just to prove to the dumbass your car was made in the last 100 years.  They either do one of two things. 1. They comply with your request, and turn off the brights. 2. They don’t do shit. At this point I will turn my brights on and conform to your bright-lite games.  I also do not get why cars/trucks these days have so many lights to begin with. Most cars have, of course, regular lights, and if you have money you can get a car with white lights.  Along with the regular lights, you get the fog lamps, and possibly the additional aftermarket fog lights. You mean to tell me every redneck in Alabama has some kind of African safari plans on the weekends, and they can justify having all these lights? So do the world a favor and only run your brights, when you know the coast is clear. If it’s foggy as hell…don’t even turn them on! Let’s keep it to a four light maximum for regular driving. If this offended you, you are SOB I am talking about…that is the word!

Nice Truck D-Bag!


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One Comment
  1. Meghan permalink

    Crap like that blinds me for a min….I get so pissed at these people. I have to stare at passing mailboxes or try to look past these ass clowns so I dont have spots in my vision….I agree with ya. I put extra lights on my truck just so when they dont comply I can light their butts up and let them see how it feels.

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