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Best SEX Scene in a movie

January 25, 2012

So as the Oscar race begins to heat up, I will be doing a series of “Top Movie” awards. To be sure , these nominees and winners will be decided by me. I encourage you to leave comments and let me know if I miss any glaring winners.  So tonight is Wednesday night, urban legend has it, this is the night when married men are most likely to have sex. So in the spirit of night, I will be covering the Top 10 Sex Scenes Of All Time. Look, I can appreciate the sensitive nature of this category. Many of us guys have some dear and fond memories of the first time we witnessed these movies. I will, as always try to unbiased and provide an accurate list of quality nudity;)

Top 10 Best Sex Scenes Of All Time

  1. Monsters Ball…every man remembers the first time he witnessed this glorious footage…you da man Billy Bob
  2. Wild Things…3-way for the ages. For the ladies you got Kevin Bacon’s mini bacon;)
  3. Team America World Police…if you don’t know it, you should!
  4. Unfaithful…my wife still talks about the “Stair Scene”
  5. A History of Violence…”Hurt Sex” for the ages.
  6. Desperado…Salma in her prime, and an all around great movie.
  7. Leaving Las Vegas…liquor and tittys at the drive in motel. Those are the principals this great country was founded on.
  8. Basic Instinct…top notch for its day
  9. Original Sin…once again Antonio gets a quality Angelina Jolie to  “act” with
  10. Shoot Em UP…over the top, but still classic
  11. Bonus…Dalton and the Dr. from Roadhouse

Worst Sex Scenes Of All Time

  1. In The Cut…Meg Ryan, I mean Really? Meg Ryan
  2. Eyes Wide Shut
  3. The Brown Bunny
  4. Titanic…the steamy hand…lol
  5. Boogie Nights…Porn movie with no porn, but still a classic.

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  1. “From here to eternity” not on your list?

    • That one is a really good true romance scene…far too classy to make this list. Thanks for reading, can’t wait till spring training;)

  2. Bryan permalink

    Dang!.. I’ll be burning up my Netflix account this week.

  3. “For the ladies you got Kevin Bacon’s mini bacon.” hahaha Too funny.

    And just the other day, I was watching Titanic with my husband and we laughed at the hand in the sex scene. I’m glad we’re not the only ones who find it corny!

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