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Pick Your Damn Head Up

January 24, 2012

I got a little fire in my belly tonight, so I am doing 2 posts. I know, I know you guys are excited! Since I just got done with a nice positive message on my Biggest Loser Part 2 post, it’s time to call some folks out. WHO are these people who do not know how to walk? To those people who just walk around aimlessly, do me a favor…pick your damn head up! Every single day, I find a grown ass person, who has no concept of how to walk. You go to the mall and you get behind a group of people who move so damn slow, you would think they had a corn cob up their ass. I mean, pick up your feet and move the shit along.  Here is a clue, the world does not start and stop at your convenience. Just because you have all damn day to make it down the hallway, do not assume that I do. Another group of “shitty walkers” are these people who walk around with their eyes to the floor. These folks usually have their heads down, like they just missed a game winning field goal or something. Look, I really do not want to run into you. Sometimes, I do think if I shoulder checked your ass one good time you would at least pick your head up for a day. To the lady who was tailgating my ass, while I went to the gym…cool it, with that shit too. If you walk like 100mph, slow down. In modern society there is no need to walk fast as hell.  My friends keep your walk to a medium pace, and try to learn to walk in a straight line. If you cannot walk and talk on the phone, STOP! If you notice that you damn near butt hump every person in front of you…slow down! If you notice you are about to get butt humped by every other person…speed up! Just that simple people, stay classy.


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One Comment
  1. grooda permalink

    It seems to me like you have a mild case of intermittent explosive disorder more commonly known as “sidewalk rage”.

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