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Biggest Loser Part 2

January 24, 2012

Who are these people this season on the Biggest Loser this season? All they do is cry like hell, and just bitch the whole time. What are the incentives to work out on Biggest Loser? Well you could lose a couple hundred pounds…most times that will improve your sex life with the opposite sex. You could win 250k, that is always a good pocketbook motivator. Perhaps you could really make it big and ink a book deal or something, I don’t know. If you have not been following the show this season, Biggest Loser had its first ever contestant leave the show. The ole boy just had enough and just quit. My biggest issue with this is, you applied to be on the show. I am quite sure, there were thousands of applicants, who would loved to participate. So really when you quit, you have just cheated yourself and every other person, who would have stuck it out.Kudos to the people on the show, I am sure that shit is really tough. Can you imagine hitting cardio for 8 hours a day, for like a week straight? The show has tought me, losing weight is all about small wins. It takes a ton of discipline to eat right…I break my own rules all the time. You just have to take weight loss one day at a time. So good luck to anyone trying to lose weight and remember don’t quit!


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