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Movie Night

January 23, 2012

So tonight there is absolutely nothing on TV, and I find myself going through the DVD drawer. I came across a few movies, that some of you might have missed. I have watched a lot of movies, and I can appreciate many different kinds of movies. So I thought, I would keep it short tonight and provide a list of some good movies many of you may have missed over the years. It has been rainy as hell, and when it rains, noting is better than a movie day. So check out the list and feel free to leave a comment. Hopefully with your help, we can pass along some good flicks to the masses. Thanks for reading!

  1. Donnie Darko…cult classic, a must see
  2. Road to Perdition…Tom Hanks/Paul Newman
  3. Lord of War…a good Nick Cage movie, crazy I know
  4. Drive…my favorite movie of 2011
  5. Raising Arizona…again old Nick Cage movie
  6. The Frailty…good trippy flick
  7. They Live…trust me B movie classic
  8. Heather’s
  9.  Vanishing Point…best car movie of all time circa (1970)
  10. Cinderella Man
  11. Snatch…alright you should have all seen this one
  12. The Gift…you get to see Katie Holmes boobs, and they are nice!




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One Comment
  1. Bryan permalink

    I think I’ll start with #12! 🙂

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