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Hard To Say No

January 22, 2012

The Girl Scouts of America have rolled out the annual kryptonite, for many of us.  That is right, Girl Scout cookies are back. I mean everyone has favorite, I happen to be a Samoas man. Those are the delicious little chocolate/coconut jobs. I HATE the thin mints… I won’t even give those a second thought. The bad news is, as I am sure most of you know these Girl Scouts are up to no good. They are killing us with sweetness. I mean, who can say no to a little kid in uniform, asking for 3 bucks? I am way too weak, to turn these kids away.  I was a Boy Scout at one time, and while the Pine Box Derby was always sweet, pushing popcorn is no way to drum up business. That is right, in case you did not know, the Boy Scouts sell popcorn to raise money. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but chances are the Girl Scouts are kicking the boys ass in total sales. So I have a solution, because dammit it’s time the Boy Scouts had their glory day in the sun. The Boy Scouts should make gourmet popcorn. Here is the catch, the popcorn will be Girl Scout cookie flavors. That is right…hit em wear it hurts. Can you imagine, gourmet popcorn with delicious sprinkles of shortbread cookie. Perhaps some chocolate and peanut butter drizzle popcorn? Of course the Boy Scouts would continue to sell regular popcorn, for the die-hard fans. I hope this idea will earn me the “Mr. Integrity” patch. So if your son is a fan of the blog, this post is for you Boy Scouts of America. I also just wanted to show everyone, just how bad these cookies are for you. If you can eat just 2 Samoas, you are a better man than me…snack in moderation.                                 R.I.P Joe Pa


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  1. Bryan permalink

    I have no problem saying, “no”. What they do is just 1 step above pan handling. When the school sends some crap home for my son to go door to door selling, I tell him no way and just take him to the dollar store to pick out some piece of crap that is still much better than what the school tries to motivate them with. Parents, please stop horring your kids out…. At the very least, don’t send them to my door unless you want them to get a kindly “no thanks”.

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