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The Ole Tea-Bagger

January 21, 2012

So in case you have live under a rock, or you’re a Bama fan, whose trailer does not yet have internet. You probably have heard about Brian Downing, the Bama fan who’s nuts have been getting a lot of attention lately. Brian Downing was so elated after the “Greatest National Championship” of all time. He decides to celebrate by rubbing his sweaty nuts all over an opposing dudes face.  Sounds like a good idea right? Of course the LSU fan was drunk at the time…so that’s what makes this so funny. The Smith Station man lo and behold got caught and has now been arrested on sexual battery charges. Before you just dismiss this as another example of Bama nation celebration, ask yourselves, this is pretty bad right?  I mean what straight dude rubs his nuts on any other dude? This was not a punk as kid, this was a 32 years old man. To make the issue worse, Downing is the cousin of the local Sheriff. Looks to me like ole Brian Downing will be tea-bagging ole Harvey Updyke in the near future…that is just the breaks. Look I am old school, you don’t mess with another man’s car and you don’t rub your nuts in another man’s face unless provoked. This is just senseless, unprovoked tea-bagging…what is next? Fans gonna take to the street and throw shit at the players? Maybe we need a public service announcement on this issue, so Bama fans will finally get it. YOU ARE A FAN..SO BE ONE. If you represent the school, then act like you have some damn class. You as a fan have no bearing on one damn thing that takes place on the field. You may think you do, but you don’t. You did not win shit…your team did. All Mr. Downing is gonna end up with, should be a sexual predator label the rest of his life. If you think I am wrong, then go stick your nuts in a crippled LSU fan’s face, or a passed out chicks face. He has shamed himself, and his team. So don’t be a dumbass when you win something…that is the word.


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  1. Meghan permalink

    Saban Nation or Probation Nation???? Its sad……… Another example of prime Phenix City class….NOT !

  2. Annonymous permalink

    He needs to keep his Corn Pup put away.

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