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Top 10 Reasons Why American Idol Sucks

January 19, 2012

Well it’s 2012, time for American Idol train to get cranked up once again. Idol be on another brave quest, to bring us the latest in a long line of no talent ass clowns. I have never been a huge fan of the show. I will not be a hypocrite and tell you I have never seen the show…we all have seen the show. The show never changes, it’s the same old formula, year after year. To me American Idol has always been a glorified karaoke contest. The show plays on your emotions and somehow is able to blind most viewers into thinking the contestants are actually good. Look I follow music and I know some winners, have went onto success in their careers. For every winner you can name me that had success, I can name one that never did shit. So I know I am probably in the minority on this one, but here is my Top 10 Reasons Why American Idol Sucks!

  1. People cry like they have been stuck with cancer when they “Don’t go to Hollywood”.  They also cry like bitches when they hear ” You are going to Hollywood”.
  2. Show promotes hate…grown ass people sitting around and making fun of a 15-year-old virgin singing Rascal Flats…knowing they can’t sing shit either.
  3. Idol destroys dreams…look I know, I will never have a  threesome with Megan Fox and Mila Kunis. What I don’t need is 3 judges telling me, that shit will never happen. Some poor chick is gonna shoot up her school all because J-Lo thinks she sucks.
  4. Everybody has a story. I don’t care if your wife is pregnant and you work at a peep show cleaning floors. So why must AI do a 10-minute segment on these people?
  5. The judges suck…be honest with yourselves.
  6. Folks sing song’s they have no damn business singing. “What song are you gonna sing? Hailmary by 2Pac”…bullshit you are, not on my watch! First all you are 16 years old with red hair, and your white…BOO…BOO.
  7. Idol is too much of a popularity contest.
  8. Ryan Seacreast is a dork.
  9. The final contestants are given a number like 4…Then these jackass folks throw up four fingers, like they are in a damn Lil Wayne video, while Seacreast is talking to them.
  10. Contestants always have to act like the biggest tools. How many grown folks do you know dancing around a Ford Focus singing “I am so excited”?




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