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January 18, 2012

So I first heard about Lana Del Rey on NPR’s All Songs Considered about 5 months back, and I really liked what I heard. She has this really good song called “Video Games”, which has a really good chill out vibe to it. Lana had her big debut on Saturday Night Live this last weekend. Her performances got mixed reviews, but this chick definitely has some raw talent. So I thought I would pass her along to you fine people. I always enjoy telling my friends about new artist’s, because music really is the universal language. The only problem I have with this video is it’s so unrealistic. There is no possible way the dude in this video could ever land a chick like Lana. I also find it hard to believe this guy would have a vintage 70 BOSS Mustang in the garage. So like a year from now, when our local radio stations actually play this song, you will have already heard it here first. Her first album comes out January 30th, so check her out. Post a comment and let me know what cha think of her.


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