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Out By 40

January 13, 2012

So one of the biggest pieces of shit in modern memory, will be out of prison by the age of 40. The turd I am referring to is Joran Van Der Sloot. Sloot has been sentenced to 28 years in prison after pleading guilty to the 2010 murder of a 21-year-old Peruvian woman he had met at a casino in  Lima. This dude has killed two women that we know about, Natalee Holloway and Stephany Flores. I think this sentence is WAY to light and justice was clearly not served today. JVDS has shown no real remorse for the killings and is still playing games with authorities in regards to the Holloway murder. I will not sit here and preach to you on how you should feel about this d-bag. I think it’s a real shame that life is just dismissed so quickly in so many cases. Society loves to make the damn killer seem like the victim most days. What we will never see on any GMA update is the pain these families will forever feel, due to the senseless actions of a killer. I still cannot understand how this dude even got two decent looking ladies, to take interest in his ugly mug in the first place.  So in dishonor of JVDS, these are my Top 5 prison wishes for JVDS.

Top 5  Prison Wishes For Joran Van Der Sloot

  1. He will have to listen to Hank Williams Jr in his cell till he is released. The same “There’s a Tear in My Beer Song” all damn day, everday…that one’s for the Holloways!
  2. I would let him only have conjugal visits with Nancy Grace.
  3. JVDS woul have to comb the prison yard day in, day out for 1 year looking for Holloway’s remains.
  4. JVDS would be forced to jack off with sandpaper every Friday night.
  5. That one day long from now, Harvey Updyke redeems his own shitty life by poisoning JVDS…”I got too much Bama in me”…me 2 Harvey…me 2.



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  1. Bryan permalink

    #6. The big guy in the next cell block nocks his front teeth out for easier insertion.

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