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What’s Up With Your Ears?

January 10, 2012

So this may piss off a few readers, but I see these damn people with these huge ass “flabby penis skin” earrings, and all I can think is why? You have seen these dudes, they try to establish a tough guy emo look. Guess what, flabby penis ears and a Motorhead T-shirt will never combine and equal badass. A BAMF does not walk around with a damn beer cap around his ear. Call me old school, but I don’t think most women find a man with batwing ears sexy. You don’t see 300lb women getting their under arm fat pierced with a damn gingerbread man cookie cutter, because that would just be silly. So why do it to your damn face? I just don’t get this whole type of expression; what exactly are you trying to tell me? I think you are trying to tell me is that you need decoration on your face to be interesting. To be clear, I have no issue with “regular” earrings or really other piercings for that matter.  I love those dudes who decide to get their penis pierced as well, just because the chicks like it. Guess what? If you knew how to have sex you would not need an added stud through your pecker just to get the job done. I wonder about the maintenance on some of these piercing. Can you imagine walking into Wal-Mart looking  for some scented dick lotion for your studded member? If I was running the register, I would just look at you and laugh homeboy. Is rust a factor, because that would be the worse. “Sorry baby I got  “Rusty Dick” tonight I ran outta Saline water for my Bedazzled pecker, so I will sadly NOT be good to go”. So do what you want, just be careful in a fight because I will be going for that key chain in your ear…that is the word.

People don't know but I like poems



From → DR.Mike

  1. Meghan permalink

    Omg!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  2. I just don’t understand. I mean, maybe they could attach a bag to it and carry pencils? Maybe the hole could be a pencil holder? I could see the justification if it had a function. You know. Other than to permanently disfigure your face.
    And not all chicks like it.
    Some find it scary. Scary and icky.

    • Yeah I promise I am not trying to be too critical…lol I just don’t get how you would be able to hold down a job outside of a record store with all this type of facial expression.

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