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The Republican Debate

January 7, 2012

As I sit home and watch the NFL Wildcard weekend, I find myself laughing at the Republican debate. Am I the only one who notices having the debate on a Saturday night, a night when most American’s maybe gone, is a joke? Not to mention, we have a little thing called the NFL playoffs going on. So what American is sitting home and watching these cats bitch at one another? The answer is very few my friends. To me this is another attempt to once again hide the records of the inept candidates this country has to offer. They do not want you to know about these candidates…not really. They hope and know you will not be home to listen to their attempts to address meaningful issues to the American public. I am saddened that the best candidates this country can find are a racist ignorant former Speaker Of The House, and another jack-ass Texan. Rick Perry here is a political tip for your ass, You sir are not required to begin and end every f-ing question with as the Governor of Texas line. We all damn know you are the Governor of Texas…so drop the shit homeboy. I am not here to tell you how to vote this year, but I would encourage you to take a chance to learn about these guys. Having debates on a Saturday night, you may miss some key facts. You maybe sucked in by a political commercial or some shit you have heard from your friend…you have to be better than that. Don’t just vote for one of these guys because they look like a sweet old man, we have to want more. This is a crazy time in America with more uncertainty than ever, we owe it to ourselves to attempt to elect credible representatives. I for one will be glad when these old ass rich white dudes are gone. One day this country will learn that the people are what make this country great, not the politicians. I propose a whole new political party called the “normals”, because the current political parties have failed as of late. So half time is over and so am I…that is the word!


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