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Funny Shit I Saw Today

January 7, 2012

So I must admit I saw some funny shit today. Before I provide my list, let me just say that everything I am about to tell you is not a lie. I actually have witnesses for some of these events/people I am about to post about. In the future I will attempt to snap a quick picture for the blog. So I thought you kids may get a kick out of some of this stuff. Have a good one Amigos.

  • I saw a 50-year-old white man in a downtown wing restaurant with his wife wearing a WU-Tang black hoodie.
  • I saw a handicapped man in a wheel chair going over the 13th Street bride with a HUGE sticker on the back of his Rascal that said “If you can read this the BITCH fell off”.
  • I saw a Spanish women at Target buying 4 bottles of lube…she was checking out in front of me, no telling what the hell she was doing with all that lube.
  • I saw a chick at Panera Bread hold the damn ice button down on the drink machine for a good 3 minutes, in an attempt to get ice out. Eventually a clerk intervened and went to get ice.
  • I witnessed a women in a 7 series BMW pancake the passenger side rim on a curb.

Did anybody else see anything good? Post a comment!


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One Comment
  1. Bryan permalink

    Right now, the only thing I can think about is the Spanish woman with 4 bottles of lube…..

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