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Steve Jobs Doll Really?

January 6, 2012

As I sit here and drink my Sweetwater 420 this evening, I have come across some good news for Steve Jobs fans. Apparently you will have access to the Steve Jobs action figure if you live in Alabama…sorry GA you’re SOL. The bad news is, if you would be interested in buying the Steve Jobs doll and you are over the age of 12, chances are you are still a virgin. The only reason a Steve Jobs doll should be bought, is for a Ken doll to whoop his ass after he steals Barbie’s Jeep. What in the hell would you do with a Steve Job’s doll anyways? I guess if you wanted to pit the Job’s doll versus the inventor of the cassette tape doll, in a death match, that would be cool. Poor Apple is pissed because they will not make a dime off the sale of the figure, depicting Job’s due to an imaging loophole. Not to worry Apple is already making t-shirts and mugs with Job’s face. Apple hopes to embrace capitalism even in the death of the single most important guy, in the company’s history. Look I liked the guy, he did a ton of good things for music and technology. I do not feel the need to have his ass staring at me when I fire up I-Tunes. Nor do I hope to go to a strip club and see a chick in a wet t-shirt contest, wearing a Job’s t-shirt. Can’t we just let Mr. Jobs rest in peace and just celebrate his achievements without a stupid doll?

Thanks for the doll and the shitty 4-s phone...Steve


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  1. Bryan permalink

    Windows Phone rulz!

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