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AT&T Your Commercials Suck

January 4, 2012

You know what is so 30 seconds ago? The lame ass AT&T commercials I have had to watch several hundred damn times in the last few months. Look I get it, we only have 2 real phone companies in the U.S. and they have a lot of money to burn. I would purpose a law that prohibits any commercial not to be show more than 4 times an hour. These commercials are outta control these days, airing 15 times in an  1 hour period. Try this lame ass ” that is so 30 seconds ago” commentary in real life. “Hey Honey, are you pissed I was looking at naked pictures of my ex-girlfriend?”….that is so 30 seconds ago. If you tell your wife she needs to lose some weight, and then she begins to cry. Just tell her to grow up and that shit was so 30 seconds ago. One of these commercials depicts two dudes tailgating at a football game. These two smart ass dudes then proceed, to pop off to every stranger that walks by. Let me tell you, if you tell a grown ass man at a football game, “that is so 30 seconds ago” you have my guarantee you will get your ass whipped. While I am on it, I am sick of that damn Geico Lizard man too. The little critter was cute a few years back, but I think he has run his course. He just struts around making fun of shit in a foreign accent, mocking the American people…I say to hell with you lizard man. I know some of you like the Geico Lizard, just trust me he is a dick! His little ass is so 30 seconds ago…that is the word.


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  1. stef permalink

    I know what u mean. I totally want to punch that redhead chick in face too when she’s making all those stupid faces while showing the “face cake” video on her phone, lol! The other chick’s kinda funny tho :p

  2. Judy Auble permalink

    Your commercials suck

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