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Greatest Music Video Of All Time

January 3, 2012

So you may ask yourself where have all the music videos gone? I am really not sure, but it’s a damn shame. Music videos are really not relevant in music these days, and have not been for a while. To be honest I kinda miss just chilling out and watching videos. In the past many music artist put a lot of thought into a music videos. The video was a representation of the song, or maybe something bigger than the song. Some artist built there careers on the power of the video, Michael Jackson, GNR, Madonna, and Aerosmith for example. So I thought my fist “Top” list of 2012, would be look back into the past. This is my list, leave a comment if you have any objections…no wrong answers here…unless it’s Ah-Ha “Take On Me”.

Greatest Video Of All Time

  1. Johnny Cash – Hurt
  2. Michael Jackson – Thriller
  3. Smells Like  Teen Spirit – Nirvana
  4. November Rain – Guns N Roses
  5. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game




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  1. Hurt is dark and unforgiving (Cash’s version is really poignant). Wicked games is beautiful and hopefull. But cold November Rain gets my vote as a bonafide Masterpiece. (perhaps because it swings to both extremes). great stuff!

    • Thanks for stopping by sir. I wish we had some more good videos. I saw Jack White’s new video for 16 Saltines tonight, check it out it’s crazy as hell.

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